Monday, March 14, 2005

Into the disco is where we will go

Wow. Your band is so NOW. Your sound is so cool. Your fans are so in touch with what it's all about today. They all read Vice and Nylon, they have multiple p2p file-sharing applications, they're hooked up on Friendster and Myspace, they love Lost in Translation and Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind. They know who Michel Gondry and Spoke Jonze are and they can list at least one movie directed by each. My leather jacket sits on it's hanger at the entrance to my apartment. I wash my jeans with the pins still on them because I don't want to bother removing them.

French Kicks
VHS or Beta
The Bravery
Maximo Park
Home Video
Dogs Die in Hot Cars
Bloc Party
LCD Soundsystem

They might not share a complete sound, but they do share something: They share a fan-base, and an image. They don't write amazing songs, they won't last longer than a few months or a year, but you're cool if you like them, and they represent a sense of self. If you were the first person to wear their pin, the first person to utter their name, or the first person to rip their leaked album from Soulseek and drop it into a set with your iPod, you score extra points. Your friends are impressed and they can't help but envy your ability to latch onto the next big thing (right NOW) before everyone else.

Who are the has-beens?

Radio 4
The Darkness
Electric Six
The Faint
Le Tigre

Why do we continue to keep these wheels turning? All of this input that results in -- what? Who exactly are you trying to impress? What? You hung out with who!? Oh. My. GOD!

And so the social circle grows, and so the elaborate dance continues. Because what's the point if Carlos D doesn't have herpies (and hey, my friend knows the guy who wrote the blog, so I know it's true -- and that's no joke). What's the point if I can't walk into a bar and watch someone whisper to someone else? What's the point if we have no DJs and we have no cool parties? What's the point if we have no pretentious artists making meaningless art?

Tom Vek's new single sounds like House of Jealous lovers without the soul. My wrists bleed on my keyboard, and make it so my shift key doesn't work so well anymore. Damnit, damnit, damnit!

Does anyone remember the Brit-Pop crash? When drum'n'bass wasn't cool anymore? I think I still have the same haircut. Will you be at the Gang of Four concert?

Saturday still looks good to me ;)