Sunday, December 12, 2004

Don't look back

I have weeks of material to catch up on. The architecture of subway systems; the social implications of moving to a new city; the degree to which I am in love with Toronto again; the memories the cold weather brings back; just how hot the girl standing to my left is.

There is something horribly contrived about sitting here in this coffee shop on the corner of Queen and Spadina, drinking a double espresso, and writing this blog. I am reminded of movies. I am reminded of songs. I am reminded that I should never take myself too seriously.

I think it takes a serious change in order for some people - myself included - to make an objective re-assessmenet of themselves, and where they're going. I can say, without a doubt, that I was getting stuck in Vancouver. The social drama I was dealing with, and the energy I was pouring into the people around me was killing me. To make a point, I have been able to make it into work before 9:30am on a consistent basis since I started -- even though I have been going out a fair bit during the week. This is a relative miracle.

This is a disgustingly self-indulgent piece of writing. Perhaps there will be some small poignant observation someone will be able to drag out of it. As it stands, I can close by saying Oasis were great -- until they released their second album. Don't put your faith in a rock'n'roll band, who'll throw it all away. Don't look back in anger, I heard you say... (you ain't ever gonna burn my heart out).