Wednesday, August 11, 2004

The Faint - Wet From Birth

What the fuck happened to The Faint? Blank Wave Arcade rocked. Danse Macabre was pretty good... not amazing, and a bit cliche, but it was solid.


Their new album is a sad spiral into something of a self-parody which manages to try take itself seriously. If I hear another song about getting tickets to a show and seeing some girl there I will kill the person who wrote it. And no more references to club nights please!

"I knew you knew I liked you" / "but I figured desperate guys never had a chance with you"

Their attempt to re-create their previous energy with the first single (I Disappear) turns into an embarrassing mess.

Pitchfork is already poking fun at the single and accompanying video as a self-involved example of immature artistic masturbation (and yeah, they have a song all about erections called... Erection!). If that happens BEFORE the release, prospects are not good.

I thought that remix album was just a one-off mistake. I guess it was an indication of where things were going.

Hey, I'm happy cause I'm listening to Belle and Sebastian's Your Cover's Blown over and over and over again...

[EDIT] You can now find the Pitchfork review here: PITCHFORK REVIEW - The Faint - Wet From Birth